Saturday, August 1, 2015

Summer at the Club!

We hope this finds you all well and enjoying your summer.

Things continue to improve at the Club thanks to all of you and your support. 

We have a lot of exciting news!

~ Our BRAND NEW Fitness equipment has been installed and is working great.  Getting the equipment in was the easy part. Using it is the hard part. Let's take that step!

~ Our golf tournament, on Friday August 14th has filled up and we continue to get new hole sponsors everyday. If you are available to volunteer at the event or at the Club after, please let us know.  If you would consider sponsoring a hole, please sign up online or at the club asap.

~We've decided that a portion of the proceeds from our Golf Tournament will go to:
Ray Rinaldi and his Athletic and Education Centers.  Ray is very appreciative of this gesture and understands that Pastimers appreciate his hard work supporting our communities young people.

~ We are in the process of updating our Club entry system for security and accountability purposes.  The first step was to install a camera at the door so that our employees can see and talk to those trying to enter without a membership card prior to entry. Guests are always welcome at the Club but must be accompanied by a member as always.

~ The next step will be to install a new door lock system which will give us the opportunity to distribute membership cards and key fabs that can be automatically activated every year, instead of sending new cards.  We hope to accomplish this by October when we normally send new membership cards.  If any member has a new or lightly used desktop computer that they would donate for use with this system it would be appreciated and you could contact us here anytime.

~ Thank you to John Brown and Ed Bailey for all their hard work painting around the Club, repairing/restoring our bowling lanes and for helping out in many other ways.

~ We've hired a new Bartender! Lauren Burgess is excited to be at the Club during the day from 11-5 M-F.  Please stop in and introduce yourself to Lauren. You will still see Rick Russo around the Club but he will no longer be tending bar.

~ We are continuing to evaluate our pub and banquet menu and hours.  We will be sending out a survey to all of you before finalizing new plans for the fall.

~ Plans for our shower/steam room renovation are continuing.  We are approaching this in a responsible manner and cannot afford to rush this project.  We will have more information soon.


Welcome to our new and returning members!! It's great to have you. Please make yourselves at home and let us know how we can improve your membership.

Mel Baum
Don Gridley
Rick Sanborn
Patty Klein
Diane Christopher
Nick Perioli
Brian Beaudoin
Tim Cooney
Tom Connors

If Members have any questions related to their membership, dues, etc...please contact Becky Heindorf at 315-863-0125 or at

Upcoming Events!

Golf Tournament: Friday August 14th Foxfire GC 10:00.
Volunteers can sign up at the bar or by emailing us here.

Rhythm and Shoes Evening of Dance: Saturday August 15th 7-10
The Rhythm and Shoes Band will playing classic dance songs in the Century Room.
$8 for Pastime Member and $10 for Non-Members...Please Support this event!!

September 27th: 2cW Wrestling Event. Tickets and information at : 

Please send in your $50 raffle ticket for our 125th Anniversary Campaign.  If you decide not to buy your ticket, please drop it off at the bar so we can get it sold.

Additional tickets are available at the bar.

Other donations for our 125th Campaign can be made on our website at:

The A/C is on at the Club so stop down for a workout and catch up with your friends.

Thank you for your support!!