Monday, December 15, 2014

News and Updates December 15th

We hope this finds you all well.

Things continue to improve at the club and we look forward to seeing you over the holidays.


We will be having some informal holiday parties that we hope you can attend.

An informal Pastime Christmas Party will be held this Friday 12/19 4-8pm

Friday 12/26 Out of Towner's Happy Hour: Bring your out of town friends and family to the club from 4-8.  This will be a great opportunity for you to show your friends and family the club and invite them to join our membership. Remember that out of towners only pay $75/year for membership!

We will draw our $25 raffle on 12/26.  
There are still tickets available so please stop in and buy a ticket if you haven't already.

~ Join us for all the SU Games! Come Tailgate Inside before!

Holiday Hours

Christmas Eve       7am - 6pm
Christmas Day       Closed
New Years Eve      7am- 10pm
New Years Day      7am - 8pm

~ January 20th 6:00pm ~ Pastime Membership Meeting and Board Installation.


We are currently selling raffle tickets for 2 Duke/SU tickets (2/14/15) for $10.
Available at the bar.

We've added Pizza to our menu. 14" pizza for $8. Have one with friends at the bar or grab one to bring home for dinner.

We have some New Members to Welcome:

John Tracy
David Colangelo
Chris Scanlon
Kevin Nickels
Lingsen Zhang
Tim Cooney

Welcome to the Club! Let us know how we can improve your experience.

~ We have been adding and improving our exterior lighting with help from National Grid and Smart Watt Energy. New LED lights are helping add safety and security around our property at night.

~ If you are or know any contractors who would like to make a proposal on renovating our shower/steam room please encourage them to do so. This renovation does not need to be done using tile, any and all bathroom materials and designs will be considered.
We will continue to take bids as we prepare a budget and expect to complete this over the summer.

Needs and Wants

We are looking for Syracuse/SU/Pastime/High School/Parochial League pictures, signs, memorabilia, etc.. to help us decorate the bar and other areas of the club.  If you have anything collecting dust at home, please bring it to the club and we will find a place to display it proudly.  Items can be given to a bartender, placed in the outer office, or you can contact us here and we will arrange the exchange.

There are a few areas of the club that are in need of new furniture.  We are looking for comfortable chairs (leather type material for easy cleaning) for our entranceway.  If you have access to waiting room style comfortable chairs at a good price, please let us know.


Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

All is well at the Pastime Athletic Club

"The only sound more pronounced than the rolling bowling balls, clanging weights or cheers at the bar this weekend was the sound of children laughing and playing hoops in the gym."

That's what the Club is all about.  Thats what we are working hard to preserve and protect.

We hope you are all well and that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Things continue to improve at the Club and our membership continues to grow.

We would like to welcome our Newest Members to the Club:

Dan Venditti
Dan Young
Jim Burns
Stephen Haust
Ted Tompkins
Tyler Knickerbocker
Nat Dunn
Mike Nocevski
Bob Vertucci
Eric Marcinkowski
Chris Mango
Charles Mango
Patrick Togni
Tyler Eustace
Steve Nickels
Steve Antuna

Thank you all for joining. We appreciate your interest and support. Remember that this is your Club and we hope you will take advantage of our space by using it for activities that make you and your family stronger.  Contact us here anytime with questions or concerns.


~ Improvements have been made to out Fitness Center.Come take a look. We have improved our exercise space significantly.

~ We are working to improve our upstairs kitchen which is being emptied to create additional exercise space for activities such as cross fit, boxing and group    classes.

~ Renovations to the upstairs GSIOC bar are almost complete. We will be posting a notice soon to call for a meeting of the GSIOC Club, which is a very old Club within the Club that has not met is quite a while.

~ We are taking focus on our exterior lighting and property surveillance to ensure the comfort and safety of our members in and out of the Club.  Please remember

Upcoming Events

Join us on December 6th at 7:00 pm for another Paint, Sip and Be Merry Event when we paint "Harvest Moon". Register at