Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It has been an amazing year at the Club! Thanks to all of You!!

We've had so many great new members and there are more below!

Our first year, half price promotion, ends at the end of the year.  Your friends can...Join Here.

It's time to focus on the members we have and work to improve the Club together!

Please welcome these new members and introduce yourself when you see new faces around the Club!

New Members

Tim Green
Julia Shipley
Ed Shattuck
Zachary Servidore
Luke Utz
Ryan Flaherty
Charles Shipley
Jamar Ballard
James Sauta

We welcomed Santa Claus and helped distribute Christmas gifts to over 275 children from our neighborhood on Friday.  The children and their families were all very appreciative of our support. Pictures can be found HERE.

We also delivered over $500 in donations to the Francis House on Friday.  This money was raised by our members at a fundraiser held by the G.S.I.O.C. Club.  Thank you for everyone's generosity.

Club Holiday Hours

Christmas Eve 7am - 6pm...Happy Hour Specials!

CLOSED Christmas Day ~ Enjoy your day with friends and family.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Jackpot! A lot to be Thankful for at the Club!

We hope this finds you all well as you prepare for the fun and festivities of Thanksgiving.

This year the Pastimes is GIVING THANKS to all of you for your support.  
We are well on our way to reaching our goals for this year and for our 125th Anniversary.

On Black Friday we will host our first 125th Anniversary Raffle Drawing!
Get your ticket in!
$50 Tickets are still available at the bar.
There will be a FREE Buffet and Draft Beer for all ticket holders at the Club on Friday starting at 4:00pm. We will begin drawing winners at 6:00pm.
Guests with no ticket are welcome to join the festivities for $10.

The Club will be Closed on Thursday and will be open for regular hours on Friday!

SU Plays in the Bahamas at 2:30 on Wednesday so come on down to watch the game!

Please welcome our newest Members!

Ed Burris
Joe Sindoni
Mark Crisafulli
Tim Mahar
Virgil Pogue
Sean Leuthauser
Mark Deangelis
Mansio Bom
Mike Deloski
Arthur Johnson
Arthur Johnson Jr
Kevin Hunt
Bob Avery
Tyler Newcomb
Angel Acevedo

Please introduce yourselves to new people that you see around the Club!

Our 1 year promotion of half price dues will end at the end of this year.

Please like out Facebook page!  

Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your friends and family.

We hope to see you Friday!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Club Updates October 25th 2015

We hope this finds you all well!

Things at the Club continue to get better and our membership continues to grow.

Please Welcome our newest Members!

Remember to introduce yourself to new faces around the Club.

Calum Stewart
Brian Benz
Chuck Noeson
Bill Lydon
Jamie Donigan
Howard Grabowski
Ryan Delaney
Patrick Shiel
Matt Corbett
Alexander Solazzo
Greg Lothridge
Danny Vargas
Niasia Mitchell
Chuck Holtsbery
Christian Danaher
James Mosher
Jeff Lonzak
Emily Detor
Jamar Clarke
Santino Malual

Please also welcome our new bartender...Ann Marie Martucci...Please stop in to introduce yourself.

Thank You for renewing your Memberships!  Thank You for visiting our Sports Bar!  Thank You for telling your friends about the Club! Thank You for considering the Club for your next Party.  Thank you for buying your $50 raffle ticket!  Thank you for being a part of our continuing growth!

Thank you to Bill Hanna for donating the 2 new TVs in the gym and to the Barno family for donating a new TV for the bar which will be installed this week.

Restaurant OPEN 7 DAYS

Based on feedback from our members we've decided to add more consistency to our restaurant and are now open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. Andy Corcoran will be overseeing the restaurant operation.  We know you have to eat...why not eat at the Club!  
Order at the Bar.


Our Monday night basketball league draft will be Monday night, 10/26.  This is a Members only league where players are drafted onto teams.  The league lasts until April and the cost for the league is $125. Please sign up at the Club or send us a message here and we will get you on the draft list.

If interested in starting another Basketball League please contact us here.


We will be starting our Friday night OPEN Bowling on November 6th from 7-9.
If interested in starting a bowling league please contact us here.


We are proud of our recent fundraiser and Open House of the GSIOC Club which raised over $500 for the Francis House.  We also recently had volunteers work on homes in the neighborhood at the Home Headquarters Block Blitz and others help build the new playground in Washington Square Park.

We continue to make improvements throughout the building.  Thanks again to John Brown for his countless hours of time put towards improving the Club.

Membership Cards

All Members should have received their new Orange Membership Cards by now.  If you have any questions about your membership, problems with your new card or have paid your dues and did not receive a card, please contact Becky at 315-863-0125 or

If you have not paid your dues and are unsure if you will renew your membership please contact Becky or Ted Ackerman at 491-4474 to discuss your questions and/or concerns.

PAC T shirts are for sale in the bar for $10!

More $50 raffle tickets are available at the bar. Drawing will be on Black Friday!

Youth Basketball Gear is available for ALL Members to purchase...Order Form Attached.

Please continue to encourage your friends and family to join and support the Club.

Thank you for your continued support!!

If you have information that you would like to get out, please send it to us at this address.

To find old Pastime Updates and News go to...

Pastime Athletic Club
1314 N Salina St
Syracuse, NY  13208

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Summer at the Club!

We hope this finds you all well and enjoying your summer.

Things continue to improve at the Club thanks to all of you and your support. 

We have a lot of exciting news!

~ Our BRAND NEW Fitness equipment has been installed and is working great.  Getting the equipment in was the easy part. Using it is the hard part. Let's take that step!

~ Our golf tournament, on Friday August 14th has filled up and we continue to get new hole sponsors everyday. If you are available to volunteer at the event or at the Club after, please let us know.  If you would consider sponsoring a hole, please sign up online or at the club asap.

~We've decided that a portion of the proceeds from our Golf Tournament will go to:
Ray Rinaldi and his Athletic and Education Centers.  Ray is very appreciative of this gesture and understands that Pastimers appreciate his hard work supporting our communities young people.

~ We are in the process of updating our Club entry system for security and accountability purposes.  The first step was to install a camera at the door so that our employees can see and talk to those trying to enter without a membership card prior to entry. Guests are always welcome at the Club but must be accompanied by a member as always.

~ The next step will be to install a new door lock system which will give us the opportunity to distribute membership cards and key fabs that can be automatically activated every year, instead of sending new cards.  We hope to accomplish this by October when we normally send new membership cards.  If any member has a new or lightly used desktop computer that they would donate for use with this system it would be appreciated and you could contact us here anytime.

~ Thank you to John Brown and Ed Bailey for all their hard work painting around the Club, repairing/restoring our bowling lanes and for helping out in many other ways.

~ We've hired a new Bartender! Lauren Burgess is excited to be at the Club during the day from 11-5 M-F.  Please stop in and introduce yourself to Lauren. You will still see Rick Russo around the Club but he will no longer be tending bar.

~ We are continuing to evaluate our pub and banquet menu and hours.  We will be sending out a survey to all of you before finalizing new plans for the fall.

~ Plans for our shower/steam room renovation are continuing.  We are approaching this in a responsible manner and cannot afford to rush this project.  We will have more information soon.


Welcome to our new and returning members!! It's great to have you. Please make yourselves at home and let us know how we can improve your membership.

Mel Baum
Don Gridley
Rick Sanborn
Patty Klein
Diane Christopher
Nick Perioli
Brian Beaudoin
Tim Cooney
Tom Connors

If Members have any questions related to their membership, dues, etc...please contact Becky Heindorf at 315-863-0125 or at

Upcoming Events!

Golf Tournament: Friday August 14th Foxfire GC 10:00.
Volunteers can sign up at the bar or by emailing us here.

Rhythm and Shoes Evening of Dance: Saturday August 15th 7-10
The Rhythm and Shoes Band will playing classic dance songs in the Century Room.
$8 for Pastime Member and $10 for Non-Members...Please Support this event!!

September 27th: 2cW Wrestling Event. Tickets and information at : 

Please send in your $50 raffle ticket for our 125th Anniversary Campaign.  If you decide not to buy your ticket, please drop it off at the bar so we can get it sold.

Additional tickets are available at the bar.

Other donations for our 125th Campaign can be made on our website at:

The A/C is on at the Club so stop down for a workout and catch up with your friends.

Thank you for your support!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Club Updates!!

We hope this finds you all well!

Things continue to move in a positive direction at the Club.

As we prepare to mail out 2016 Membership letters, it is our goal to give you MORE for your dues this year than you may have had in the past...more commitment from your Board of Directors, more focus on improving our facility and equipment, more communication, more engagement, more involvement, moreopportunities to stay fit and to socialize with friends and family.

We appreciate your membership and want you to see the value in it.

When your membership dues letter arrives in July, please consider paying as soon as possible. You'll notice some new options this year. You will have the ability to submit credit card info and have your dues charged on a recurring basis monthly, quarterly or yearly. 

Club Improvements

- New fitness equipment is on it's way from G&G Fitness.  You will start to see some new equipment and repaired equipment within the next couple of weeks.

- We've been cleaning out the old kitchen upstairs and are preparing to outfit this room with exercise equipment.  This room will be open to all PAC Members to use and is also connected to the gymnasium which can be used for all kinds of fitness activities.

- We are finalizing a budget, design and timeline for our shower room/steam room renovation and will have more information soon.

New Members!

Please welcome our newest Members and introduce yourself when you see new faces around the Club.

Phil Kennedy
Joe O'Hara
Eric Feher
Jonathan Bishop
Gary Keehfus
Rocco Morganti
Rafiq Ashkar
Sean Kirby
Joe May
Charles Kane

Golf Tournament
Friday August 14th 10:00 Shotgun Start
Foxfire GC
$75 player / $300 team
$100 Hole Sponsor ~ These sponsor signs will then hang at the Club for the entire year!

Sign up your team and get your hole sponsor on our website:

125th Anniversary

Thank you to all who have contributed.  This campaign will help us continue to improve the Club facility and equipment.

Please consider contributing here:

Bhutan House Pop Up Night
Saturday June 20 5-8pm : Advance sale tickets HERE.

Poster Attached.

This Saturday, in partnership with Northside Up and Centerstate CEO, the Club will feature Bhutanese food and dancers presented by our Bhutanese neighbors. 
Please consider supporting this exciting event.

Have a great Father's Day Weekend!

Thank you for your support!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Great News!

We hope this finds everyone well and enjoying your weekend.

We recently formed a relationship with G & G Fitness and we are excited to announce that we have some brand new equipment on it's way. G & G will also begin servicing all of our equipment and helping us plan for future equipment upgrades.

We will work closely with our Fitness Room Committee to decide which pieces of equipment need to be upgraded first.

We've also upgraded our Web site to accept payments and donations.  More information about our new recurring payment option will be included in your dues packet that will be mailed late next month.

Please consider making a donation on our new website today!! 
$10, $20, $100 + + !! Whatever you feel comfortable donating.

We are over 10% of the way to our 125th Anniversary Goal of $125,000. 
We will use these donations wisely to improve the Club!

Thank you to everyone who has donated.  We appreciate your support!

More New and Returning Members!!!

Please Welcome:

Bob Quirk
James Walker
Vincent Bellucci
Chad Keehfus
Todd Keehfus

Invite your friends to join today. With the kind of growth we are currently experiencing, it is likely that our First Year Membership Promotion will end before long.

Thank you for your support!

Have a great week!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Happy Memorial Day!

THANK YOU to all of our Pastime AC Members who have served and continue to serve our Nation.

Over 160 Pastime AC Members served in World War II alone.
                     3 Members gave their lives: 
Meinrad Kleiner * Edward McGuire * Charles Murphy

Many more have served since then.

We hope this finds you all well and enjoying your holiday with friends and family.

The Club will be open today until 7:00pm.  Lunch will be served from 11:00-1:00.
Thank you to Ed Bailey, Rick Russo and Kevin Mcclallen for making these holiday hours possible.

The A/C is on and will help us all keep things cool through these hot months.

There will be some Memorial Day pick-up basketball from 11-1 today.

Please welcome our Newest Members. Remember to introduce yourself to new faces around the Club and make them feel welcome.

Anthony Gianni
Troy Eustace
Nick Dadabo

We have established an exciting new working relationship with G & G Fitness Equipment.
G & G  has done a complete inventory and assessment of our current fitness equipment. They will be working with us over the next few weeks to repair and replace equipment as needed. 


Bhutanese POP-Up Night - On Saturday June 20th - A local Bhutanese Chef will host a night of Bhutanese Cuisine and Culture at the Club - More details will follow soon.

Our Golf Tournament will be Friday August 14th at Foxfire Golf Course.
More details will follow soon.

Please consider supporting our 125th Anniversary Capital Campaign.

We still have $10 raffle tickets for sale to support the Pastime AC Baseball Team.


Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pastime News!

We hope this finds you all well,

It's been an exciting week at the Club.

A short documentary with Anthony Bourdain and Pastimer, Frank Shattuck, was released on Tuesday. Once again we want to thank Frank for including the Club in this project. You'll see the Club scenes in the beginning.

We are planning a Showing of this at the Club along with another short film, starring Pastimer, Alex Poplowski, which was also filmed in part at the Club.

More information about this event will follow soon.

Welcome New Members!

Our membership continues to grow. Please make these new members feel welcome.
Contact us here anytime with questions or concerns.

Marty Masterpole
Archie Wixson
Dave Banick
Ed Rodriguez
Tony Danzica
Ken Coleman
James Ross
Anthony Vaccaro
Mike Banks
Coming Up

Saturday May 2nd: Kentucky Derby! Mint Juleps will be served from 4-7 for the race.
Following the Derby as part of  the Syracuse Gaelic Football Fundraiser, a night of horse race betting will begin - five eight-horse races, recorded in Ireland and televised on screen. Bet on either a horse or a jockey to win, then watch and cheer your winner to victory! 
(We will NOT be showing the Mayweather/ Paquiao fight because the cost is too high)

Tuesday May 5th: Cinco De Mayo!  Margaritas and Tacos: 12-6

Pastime AC Baseball Team

We are very excited to have assembled a fantastic Baseball team that will compete in the Syracuse MSBL.  This is the 100th Anniversary team to honor the Pastime Athletic Club Team of 1915 that won the Syracuse Championship.
A schedule of games can be found HERE.
Please consider coming to support your team.
The team has 50/50 raffle tickets for sale at the bar for $10.
Team hats will also be for sale soon.

Thank you to all that have donated to the Club's 125 Anniversary Capital Campaign.
If you would like to join this committee please let us know here.
All donations are greatly appreciated and will go toward improving the Club and our Community.

Pastime AC Sponsors Youth Soccer Program at Washington Square Park!
Rick Russo and Ted Ackerman have volunteered to coach this program for children in collaboration with the Washington Square Neighborhood Association. This program is at 10:00-11:30 on Saturday mornings. Please stop by to support these young athletes and all that the Neighborhood Association is doing to protect this special park.

Thank you for your support as always.  

See you at the Club!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring is Here!


There is a lot to celebrate today in Syracuse. This unofficial day of Spring will be celebrated all over the area with Opening Day at the Chiefs and Dolphy Day at LeMoyne College.

Stop at the Club to celebrate spring for our Opening Day Tailgate Party from 11-1.

If you can't get to the game, just stop in for some lunch.

The Pastime Athletic Club is a shareholder of the Syracuse Chiefs and we want to support our Team!

Welcome New Members

Kenneth Ackerman
Andrew Rathbone
Dave Banach 

Remember to introduce yourselves to new faces and make them feel welcome.

Calling all Basketball Players

Our spring basketball league is for members only and will only cost $100/team.
Games will be on Monday nights.
If your interested in joining a team please send us an email here and we will make sure you are in.

We had a great response from baseball players and have formed a Pastime Athletic Club team that will compete this spring/summer.  We will get the schedule out to all of you so you can come support the team.

Have a great day and get outside!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Club Updates!

We hope this finds everyone well.

Things have been going great at the Club, thanks to all of you.

Welcome New and Old Members!

Mike Nanno
Joe May
David Buffington
Tony Keser
Ed Morris Sr
Ed Morris  Jr
Joe Tolone
Bill Fredette
Pothwei Bangoshoth
Harold Seib

Welcome to the Club! Feel free to contact us here anytime with questions.

Thank you to our new member Ed Morris for donating multiple refrigerators to the Club that were needed in the bar and the kitchen. 

Be sure to get your Master's sheets completed and returned before the tournament starts on Thursday. One is attached here.

Thank you for all who have donated to our 125th Anniversary Campaign.
Please let us know if you would like to serve on our 125th Anniversary Committee.

We recently worked with our Neighborhood Association in planning and hosting an Easter Egg Coloring Party.  All the children who attended received an easter basket and had a great time. This was a wonderful event.  We are committed to working closely with our neighbors to improve our community. 

Sean Kirst attended and wrote a nice article here:

Chiefs Opening Day Tailgate Party! Thursday April 16th 11:00am 
First pitch at 2:05

Open Bowling Friday's 5:30.

Our Fish Fry will continue friday's for lunch and dinner.

We are looking for a few more players for our Pastime AC over 25 baseball team.
Please consider joining our team or send us a player if you know one.
Needs and Wants

Batting tee: We are looking for a tee for our hitting area.

Youth Basketball Hoop: We would like to put a small children's basketball hoop in the gym for the small kids.

Thank you for your support!

Have a great week.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring at the Pastime Athletic Club

We hope this finds you all well!

Although Syracuse Basketball isn't marching us into spring, there is a lot to enjoy at the Club and in the sporting world. 

Come down to work on your golf swing and bring the kids to get a jump on their baseball swing in our hitting cages.

We are looking forward to the Master's with our annual Master's Challenge. A game board is attached here and can be returned to the Club with payment. Masters coverage begins on April 6th.

NCAA Basketball action daily! 

Live European Soccer on regularly in the afternoon.

Baseball is getting underway and we will be happy to tune in to any available game you'd like to see.

Our Men's Monday basketball playoff's start this week at 6:00pm. Come down to see some interesting and entertaining basketball. You might not be impressed but you won't be dissapointed. Drinks are allowed in the gym but as always, take out what you bring in and let's keep the popcorn in the bar.

May 2nd!  "Mint Juleps and Busted Lips" A Day of Thoroughbreds

'Mint Juleps" will be served all day in preparation for the running of the Kentucky Derby in the evening and then the scene will turn to boxing and the drink to "Bloody Manny's" as we prepare for the Floyd Mayweather v Manny Pacquiao boxing match. (Everyone may have their favorite but remember that Mayweather represents American Boxing).  We are hoping to add some other events at the Club in between these two incredible sporting events.  We will purchase the fight package.

Mark it on your calendar!

We have some fantastic new members to welcome! 
Be sure to welcome and introduce yourself to new faces at the Club.

Eric Vinal
Bud Pecoy
Bob Quirk
Joe Rossi
Matt Marko
Ben Keser
Robert Pienkowski

Please continue to encourage your friends to join. 

Fish Fry

We are constantly working to improve our menu and hours. As support for our kitchen grows we will be able to offer more.  Our Friday Fish Fry has been successful and we have decided that we will continue this throughout the year.  On Friday March 27th the Syracuse Elks will host the Fish Fry dinner.

Open Bowling

Fridays from 5:30 - 9:30
Bring your friends and family down for a fun night of bowling.


We are hoping to enter a Pastime AC team in the Syracuse Men's Senior Baseball League. Players are needed. The Club will help with the costs and with fundraising.
Owen Donovan has volunteered to manage this team. Please contact Owen if interested at

Needs and Wants

We are planning to upgrade our front door buzzer to a video doorbell for the safety of our employees. This will give our employees the option of seeing/speaking to who is at the door before buzzing them into the building if needed. We are in need of a small tablet for the interface portion of the system. The tablet can be iOS iPod or iPad or an Android device of any size. If you have something that is not used and could be donated to the club it would be greatly appreciated.

We are always looking for old sporting material from Pastimes, Syracuse or any other local sports pictures, signs, banners, trophies etc, for Club rooms.  These can be dropped off at the bar or left in the outer office.


Thank you very much to John Brown for restoring the old Welcome Pastime A.C. sign that hung in the gymnasium for many years, was destroyed and is now back and hanging proudly. This sign was also used in the past on the Club's St. Patrick's Day parade float.  Thank's to Judd Davis, we have decided to register the Club in next years parade and resume this tradition.

Congratulations to our Chili Chowder Cookoff Winners.
Chili Winner: Jeremy Irwin
Chowder Winner: Wayne Hess
Thank you to everyone who participated. 
All the entries were delicious and everyone had a great time.

We continue to work hard to participate and improve our neighborhood and community. We have joined the Greater North Salina Business Association.  We are working with Northside UP to create beneficial partnerships with our neighbors.  We are working with the Washington Square Park revitalization committee to offer volunteers and resources that will help them restore ("save") this landmark and important recreational space for our neighborhood's young people.  We are committed to sponsoring charities that are important to our members. Please email us if you need space for a fundraiser or just a door prize. 

125th Anniversary Campaign

Thank you so much to all who have pledged or donated thus far. We know that this campaign will be successful and will help to ensure a prosperous further for the Club.
We are in the process of forming a 125th Anniversary Committee.  This committee will assist with fundraising and help to prepare a celebration to mark the occasion.  Please email us here or leave us a note if you would like to join this committee.

Charity Basketball League to start in April. Email us to join or for more information.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about your Membership.

Have a great weekend and thank you for your support.

See you at the Club!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Exciting Times

We hope this finds you all well.

Things at the Club continue to improve thanks to all your support.

We are proud and grateful to all of the families that participated in our youth basketball league which wrapped up this week.  The kids worked hard and got better every week.
We hope that all of the parents will consider a year round membership at the Club so the kids can continue to work on their skills throughout the year.

As the spring sports season approaches, remember that we have the batting cage and driving range set up for the kids to start preparing.

Please welcome our Newest Members. We are proud and excited to have you join.

Latavius Murray
Gerry Ashe
James Baker
Robert May
Matt Straub
Peter Conover
Duriel Carney
Todd Teeter
Tim Rudd
Dave Herring
Makuei Chol
Lino Magen
Terrell Bonner

Please introduce yourself to new faces and make them feel comfortable.

Anthony Bourdain visited the Club in December to spend time with one of our members, Frank Shattuck. Bourdain will be featuring Frank in an upcoming episode of a show he's working on called, "Raw Craft".  The producer's felt that the Club fit in well with the show.  Here is a link to the trailer for the show which shows Frank working out downstairs and then shows Bourdain walking outside at the end.  Thanks again to Frank for sharing this experience with us.

Our 125th Anniversary Campaign is underway and we are $7,300 closer to our goal of $125,000. Thank you to all who have made donations or pledges. We are looking for Campaign Committee members. If interested, please email us here.

Our Friday Fish Fry will begin this Friday for lunch and dinner and will run through Lent.

Club space reservations can now be requested on our web site at :
Consider us when planning your next gathering.

We will be posting a meeting of the GSIOC within the next week, The GSIOC (Gebhart Sauter's Iye Opener Club), founded in 1894, is a Club made up of Pastime Members, who have a private Club Room on the second floor.  We plan to reorganize the club, collect dues and make renovations to the Club room this spring. Stay tuned for more info.. 
Email us here if you are interested in joining.

We are also in the process of cleaning out the upstairs kitchen to make room for more exercise space.  We need to sell the commercial dishwasher that is up there. Please let us know if you can help us get that sold. Also, let us know if you have any gym equipment, weights, boxing equip, etc that could be used upstairs.

We are still looking for sports memorabilia, pictures and posters for our Club rooms. Feel free to drop stuff off at the bar or contact us here to arrange for pick up.

As always, please email us here with any questions or concerns.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

125th Anniversary Celebration Campaign!!!

Our 125th Anniversary Celebration Campaign is underway! Thank you to our Board of Directors for making the first pledge of $6,000. Please consider pledging what you can and stay tuned for more information.

PAC Updates

We hope this finds everyone well!

It's been a busy few weeks at the Club.

New Members 

We are excited to welcome more new members to the Club.  
As always, please introduce yourself when you see new faces.

David Foor
Marc Sacco
Kevin Vieau
Nelson Villanueva
Ryan McMahon
Joe Antuna
Brian Turner
Enrique Carrasco

Welcome to the Club! 
We are here if you ever have questions.
Contact us at this email address anytime or call Becky Heindorf with Membership questions at 315-863-0125.


The gymnasium will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday next week (2/4-2/5) for refinishing.  

Sunday February 1st 6:30 pm
Super Bowl XLIX Party!! Join us for the big game at the Club. Drink and Food Specials!!

SU Tailgate Party: Saturday February 7th against Pitt. 
Tailgate starts at 2. Tipp Off at 4.  Chili and Wings!!

Chili Chowder Cook Off!!
Sat March 7th 12-2 during the SU/NC St game at noon.
Sign up at the Club or just come and judge.

Duke Raffle Tickets available at the bar!! 
($10 for a chance to win 2 tickets to the game on Feb 14th)
Please help us sell more of these tickets.

Annual Meeting

Thank you to all who attended our annual meeting on January 20th.
The meeting was opened by John Falge with some remarks about our progress over the last year and a welcome to our new members. We then had presentations regarding our progress and status by John Beaudoin, Tom Donovan and Ted Ackerman.  At the meeting we highlighted some of our accomplishments over the last year, which included...
 ~ Addition of over 100 new members, a 30% increase.
 ~ Over $140,000 in capital improvements while paying off over $20,000 in debt.
We continue to focus on our members, while also increasing our income and improving our facilities.

We've made incredible progress over the last 12 months and we are excited to see where the next 12 months will take us.

Thank you all for your support.

125th Anniversary

At the annual meeting we announced our 125th Anniversary Celebration Campaign. (Poster Attached) Our goal is to raise $125,000. Funds raised will be used to ensure that Our Club will be renovated, updated and prepared for an exciting and sustainable future that will last another 125 years!  We will celebrate our success together with events leading up to our Anniversary and a Party to mark the occasion. The Board of Directors has pledged $6,000 to get this campaign started.  Donations can be made at the club and left in the campaign box or with a bartender. Special arrangements can be made by contacting Becky Heindorf at 315-863-0125.

We are forming a 125th Anniversary Committee.  If you are interested in joining this committee, please let us know here or contact Becky at the number above.

Have a great week.  See you at the Club!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

News and Events

Happy New Year!

We hope this finds you all well.

We've had a wonderful holiday season at the Club, catching up with old friends and making new ones.

Welcome to our newest members! Be sure to introduce yourself to new faces around the Club. 
We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you soon. Please let us know how we can make your experience better.

Anthony Bourdain
Tim O'Dell
George Neshevski
Matt Alexander
Ben Kilmartin
Sean Halligan
William Halligan
Jeremy Irwin
Chol Majok
Tim Osta
Jason Lazarski
Dan Byrne
Bryan Sizing
James Manyang
John Dau
Martin Akol

Upcoming Events

Pastime Athletic Club General Meeting and Installation of Board of Directors : January 20th 6:00pm
We will provide updates and discuss an exciting future for the Club.

SU v Clemson Tailgate Party January 17th Party Starts at 2:00 Game starts at 4:00pm 
Pre- game snacks, music, drinks……halftime pizza, deli sandwiches, salads, $5 per person.

Duke Raffle!  $10 tickets for a chance to win 2 tickets to the SU v Duke game on Feb 14th. Tickets available at the bar!

Anthony Bourdain - (CNN travel/food connoisseur) visited the Club on December 16th and graciously accepted a Membership.
Despite the rumors, he was not in search of our old Sauerbraten recipe.  He came to the Club to visit one of our members, Frank Shattuck, who he is working on a project with.  We are grateful to Frank that he included us and that the Club will play a part in their project. We will share more information about it when it is complete. We were able to give Anthony the insiders tour of the Club and discuss where we have come and where we hope to go. He applauded our achievements and encouraged us to continue our efforts, recognizing that, what we have, is quite unique in American culture.  

Please continue to let us know how we can improve your Club experience.

Thank you for your support!